“Montana Values” is a term we sometimes hear being thrown around by politicians running for national office. Many of these politicians have never even had shit on their boots. 

Montana Values, to sound all fancy, are the cultural, ethical, and social principles that many Montanas hold in high regard. Montana’s are a diverse bunch; farmers, loggers, ranchers, miners, and a few of them hippies. While these values may vary somewhat among us, there are several common unspoken truths among us:

  1. Independence and self-reliance: We pride ourselves on our ability to take care of ourselves and our families, valuing self-sufficiency and individual responsibility.
  2. Strong work ethic: If the work ain’t hard it ain’t work. We are known for our dedication to hard work, perseverance, and commitment to getting the job done, whether it’s in agriculture, ranching, or other industries.
  3. Love for the outdoors and nature: Montana’s vast landscapes, national parks, and wilderness areas inspire a deep appreciation and respect for nature and the outdoors. We spend more time outside; whether hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, riding, or just looking at the stars, we know we live in The Last Best Place. We place a high value on preserving the environment for future generations; it’s literally in our constitution. 
  4. Community-mindedness: Montanans often prioritize the well-being of their local communities, demonstrating a sense of solidarity, cooperation, and support for their neighbors.
  5. Duty: When the world went to war Montanas led the nation in enlistments and sacrifice. We asked ourselves what we could do for our country before Jack ever could. 
  6. Honesty and integrity: Your word is your bond. We value honesty, trustworthiness, and a strong moral compass. We expect others to be forthright and sincere in their dealings.
  7. Hospitality and friendliness: Montana is known for its friendly people and warm hospitality, with residents often welcoming visitors and newcomers with open arms.
  8. Respect for tradition and heritage: Many Montanans have a deep appreciation for the history and traditions of their state, celebrating their Western and Native American heritage through various events, festivals, and cultural activities.