About US

A Real Montana Brand

The Hi-Line Company is much more than just a storefront on a street or a cool log on a shirt. It is a company founded in Montana by real, local Montanans.

The Hi-Line was created by people who have lived and worked all over the great state of Montana. Most of them were born in the Hi-Line and are still living there to this day. When you’re from Montana, you know what that means.

It means hard work. It means integrity. It means grit. It means serving others. It means honesty and doing the right thing no matter what.

Work is hard in Montana. On the Hi-Line, it’s harder. And the stakes are even higher.

The founders of The Hi-Line Company wanted to build a real Montana company that worked as hard as real, local Montanans. They wanted to create a legacy that originated in Montana and exemplified the values they learned from the Hi-Line. The Hi-Line Co. is that company.

With a couple of cold cans in our hands, we started on a pile of logs on the ranch. We know the value of hard work, believe in transparency, and strive for best-in-class quality. When the stakes are high and the work is hard, come on down to The Hi-Line. Co. – a real Montana brand.

We will lend a hand.

Meet the founders

Chuck Holman



Richard Shear

Jessica Wood

Colby Johnson